The prospect of getting any type of dental work can be stressful and even downright terrifying for many people, especially if a root canal is Root Canalnecessary. But much of the fear and anxiety around root canal therapy is caused by misconceptions about how the procedure works. A root canal is a standard dental treatment that actually alleviates pain and removes harmful bacteria and damaged tissue from inside the tooth, before it can cause permanent damage. Dr. Derek Winegar, a dentist in Temple, TX, offers a range of general and cosmetic dentistry services including root canal therapy to save badly decayed or damaged teeth.

Root Canal Therapy in Temple, TX

Many people are surprised to learn that the procedure for a root canal is actually more like getting a filling for a cavity. The dentist applies a local anesthetic so that you're comfortable and feel minimal pressure and discomfort during the procedure. A root canal is necessary when bacteria causes inflammation and infection in the pulp, the network of soft tissue and nerves inside the tooth. The procedure involves drilling a small hole in the tooth and cleaning it to remove the bacteria and damaged tissue. The tooth is then filled and sealed, just like with a cavity.

The Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

Now that we've established that the rumors of the pain and trauma involved with the procedure have been greatly exaggerated, here are some of the benefits and upsides of getting a root canal if you need one:

  • Relieves the pain of a badly infected or damaged tooth
  • Allows you to continue eating your favorite foods if your symptoms have interfered with your diet
  • Save your natural tooth from extraction and more costly (and painful) dental procedures


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