June 01, 2013
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This weekend the whole team made the trek from Temple, TX up to Dallas/Ft. Worth for some team dental training.  We worked on strategies for scheduling to make sure we better serve our guests by getting them in and out of appointments on time.  We also spent a great deal of time on one of our favorite topics... prevention!  We looked at a new rinse that combines several old (tried and true) protocols into fewer steps.  Not the cheapest option for a rinse but studies show it to be very effective, and for those of us who are more likely to do one step instead of five, it may be a great option!  Ask us about CariFree rinses.

We also looked into some new financing companies to help make some of our more popular and effective procedures like implants more readily accessible and affordable.  Implants are the absolute best way to replace missing teeth and restore health, appearance, maintain native bone and restore a confident smile.  We have always felt the investment is well worth it, but it is a significant investment.  There is a new finance company that has been really great and making them much more accessible by breaking them down into monthly payments ranging anywhere from 12-60 months with no prepayment penalties.  We feel really good about this being able to provide a great service for some of our patients who are looking at that type of an investment in their smile.

We also covered some interesting topics on new materials that are built to last longer, ways to make sedation appointments run more smoothly for the patient and everyone's favorite topic in dentistry: occlusion.  Yes, yes, we know, everyone is excited to hear about that one!

Along with most of the dentists that went to the seminar, our team stayed at the former Hotel Texas, which (as most Texans know) has it's history intertwined with the assasination of JFK.  It was a short drive from Temple, but in a seminar with offices from a dozen states, we were proud to represent Texas in our home state.  

We went to Billy Bob's the largest Honky Tonk in the world and showed the dental world how the Texans roll.  Dr. Winegar even came back with a new cowboy hat!

Pictures to come soon!