WHAT are you DRINKing? and what is it DOING TO YOUR TEETH?

Beverages are measured by their level of acidity on a PH scale.    A PH scale ranges from 1 to 14  with water being the neutral point in the middle at 7.   The lower the PH number, the higher acidity level and the more damaging the substance on your teeth.  The higher a PH number is the more ”basic” and the less harmful the solution is on your teeth, for example, Baking Soda has a PH of 9.  The PH scale is a negative logarithmic scale, meaning, each level of decrease is 10 times more acidic.  For example, a Coke Classic has a PH of 2.5 and Orange Juice has a PH of 3.5.  This means that coke is 10 times more acidic than Orange Juice.

Understanding the PH level of the drinks you enjoy will help you to better understand what effect they are having on your teeth.  Teeth soften and cavities form when repeatedly exposed to acid.  Check out our list of a few common beverages and their average PH level.

Pepsi 2.5

Lemonade 2.5

Coke Classic 2.5

Capri Sun 2.6

Gatorade  2.6

Powerade 2.75

Snappel Tea 3.2

Mountain Dew 3.2

Diet Coke 3.4

Orange Juice 3.5

Iced Tea 3.5

Vegetable Juice 4.0

Root Beer 4.5

Black Coffee 5

Milk 6.5

Soy Milk 7.0

Hot Tea 7.2