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By City Creek Dental
September 25, 2018
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Molar ExtractionHaving a tooth pulled (extracted) used to be the standard way to rectify a dental problem. Advancements in anesthesia and treatment techniques have made extraction less likely, but there are still a few reasons that Dr. Derek Winegar, your dentist in Temple, Texas, still employs this method at City Creek Dental. Below are three common situations that might call for a tooth extraction.


An accidental impact, such as sports-related collision or vehicular accident, might cause a tooth to loosen out of place. It might even become totally avulsed (knocked out). In many of these cases, a dentist is able to replace the affected tooth. However, sometimes these injuries cause too much trauma for reattachment to work, and the tooth will need to be permanently removed.


Similarly, an accident that affects the teeth may cause a significant break in the tooth. While small chips and cracks in the enamel can be repaired with simple procedures like shaping or bonding, larger damage that cracks a tooth in half may require your dentist to perform an extraction. This is usually to prevent infection from entering the soft tissues inside the tooth, which can be extremely painful and lead to further problems.

Failed restoration

An old cavity filling that shifts out of place or a root canal that doesn't "hold" are two examples of failed restorations, both of which might necessitate an extraction. This is often due to the structure of the affected tooth being too fragile to withstand any more treatments.

The good news is that if you do need an extraction, we have a variety of restorative options at City Creek Dental that will fill in the gap comfortably and attractively. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Derek Winegar, contact our office in Temple, Texas today at (254) 778-1990!


Via a recent Instagram post, pop diva Ariana Grande became the latest young celebrity to publicly acknowledge a dental milestone: having her wisdom teeth removed. The singer of hits such as “Break Free” and “Problem” posted an after-surgery picture of herself (wearing her signature cat-eye eyeliner), with a caption addressed to her teeth: “Peace out, final three wisdom teeth. It’s been real.”

With the post, Grande joined several other celebs (including Lily Allen, Paris Hilton and Emile Hirsch) who have shared their dental surgery experience with fans. Will "wisdom teeth removal" become a new trending topic on social media? We aren’t sure — but we can explain a bit about the procedure, and why many younger adults may need it.

Technically called the “third molars,” wisdom teeth usually begin to emerge from the gums between the ages of 17 and 25 — presumably, around the same time that a certain amount of wisdom emerges. Most people have four of these big molars, which are located all the way in the back of the mouth, on the left and right sides of the upper and lower jaws.

But when wisdom teeth begin to appear, there’s often a problem: Many people don’t have enough space in their jaws to accommodate them. When these molars lack sufficient space to fully erupt (emerge), they are said to be “impacted.” Impacted teeth can cause a number of serious problems: These may include pain, an increased potential for bacterial infections, periodontal disease, and even the formation of cysts (pockets of infection below the gum line), which can eventually lead to tooth and bone loss.

In most cases, the best treatment for impacted wisdom teeth is extraction (removal) of the problem teeth. Wisdom tooth extraction is a routine, in-office procedure that is usually performed under local anesthesia or “conscious sedation,” a type of anesthesia where the patient remains conscious (able to breathe normally and respond to stimuli), but is free from any pain or distress. Anti-anxiety medications may also be given, especially for those who are apprehensive about dental procedures.

So if you find you need your wisdom teeth extracted, don’t be afraid to “Break Free” like Ariana Grande did; whether you post the results on social media is entirely up to you. If you would like more information about wisdom tooth extraction, please call our office to schedule a consultation. You can learn more in the Dear Doctor magazine articles “Wisdom Teeth” and “Removing Wisdom Teeth.”